Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Some from Listia

I picked up quite a bit lately from Listia, and probably used too many credits on some, but you can decide for yourself. No, I didn't use thousands of credits or anything like that on any one of them.

 1978 Hostess: 499 credits.

 2005 Bazooka: 303 credits.

2001 TSC: 112 credits, Love this play at the plate.  Ahhh the good ole days.

2004 Classic Clippings: 707 credits.

Nice one, that I need two more for the bunt binder and pitchers at the plate binder, this one is going is the Maddux (Hall Worthy) binder. 499 credits.

First apologize for the dirty top loader, that is what it came in, the card is okay. 450 credits.

The cards or rather Tattoos are from 1986 Topps, and were each separate auctions. 499 credits each, except for Ossie which cost 508.

Yep..... Binder guys.

The next two hit MY birthday binder.

One for the Braves Insert/Oddball Binders!