Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My first HANDS on 2015 Topps

Well, I finally got my hands on my first cards of this year, meaning 2015 Series 1 Topps.

2015 Topps Series 1: DONE!  It is just sickening (to me) knowing that most of these guys are no longer Braves. Now working on the parallels and insert sets

3 Rainbow, 2 Gold, and I believe that is the Braves run on Baseball History, (Red might be, I don't know yet), otherwise that insert set DONE!   Free Agent 40 DONE!

Arche Types DONE!

Inspired Play & Highlights DONE!

Now to work on what is left, hoping the blogosphere will fill in the rest. I am also looking to do the complete insert sets too. Off to great start with this one.


Now to change up the post a bit.

For those that are familiar with my NAME GAME binder. Here's another one for it. Terry Bradshaw.

Now I have a question. Both of the cards below are 1990 Swell Baseball Greats.

Two completely different sets though. Great shots on both BTW.

One of the sets marketed by CMC and the other Impel, both sets by Swell (Philadelphia Chewing Gum). My question is this...... Why the two sets, by two different marketing companies. Okay, maybe another question or two. Was there a fall out, and instead of doing a Series II released a completely different set? The layout on the backs are almost exact, so I don;t know. Someone tell me.


  1. I had some 2015 Topps Braves ready to send to you, but it looks like you have them!

    I will double check the inserts but I think I have one Brave that is not shown above.

  2. They look really good. Though it's silly that some of these players aren't even on the team anymore.