Sunday, February 1, 2015

A trip to the VA

Last Friday I made my annual visit to see my V.A. Dr. Why is that important? I have to go. What does that have to do with this blog? Ahhh. That is a great question, and here is the answer. My local VA clinic has Sports Illustrated magazines there every week free for the vets, and as usual I grabbed up about 30 weeks worth. Besides the SIs, there are also other magazines like Time and Entertainment Weekly etc.... However, what caught my eye Friday was two SI for Kids issues, now this was unusual as they were personal copies that someone had tore their name label off and left the mags. What I find amazing was not only were there posters in each issue, but the cards too.

July 2014 issue

Okay, here we have the reining Super Bowl MVP and yeah Michele Wie , now she's a hottie. Funny thing is the LPGA started their season this past week/weekend here in Ocala. Those are the only cards of interest to me here.

I left the "dual" poster folded in half as that took up my entire flatbed. Jose Abreu on one side and and NBAer John Wall on the other side.

August 2014 issue

Those are pretty cool. My interest the Peyton manning and the Trout.

Josh Donaldson on this side (only showing half) and Maria Sharapova another hottie on the other.

It made for a fun trip to the Docs.


  1. Nice pickups. And that Trout is proof that he was always meant to be a Yankee.

    1. I am sure there are one or two Angels fans that would disagree, LOL.

  2. If you end up separating them, I wouldn't mind trading for the Lincecum and Posey next time we make a deal.

  3. I used to, borrow these panels from SI for Kids magazines from my grammar school library all the time.