Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lincoln Files: What do you think?

I started this series last week, and low behold I have more goodies to post up this week. First up was a win from the Bay: $2.97 and $1.50 shipping total $4.47.

Not in the best of shape, but come on a Fisk and Cooper rookie. Card actually looks so much better in hand, no creases that is just dirt on the left upper corner, the corners are soft rather dinged and there is hardly any edging however there is indent marks coming down from the top through the S kind of circular like a curve swooping back through the x. Either way, I think it was worthy $4.47.

What do you think?

I also ran to see my buddy Bob at the flea market yesterday and laid out 3 Lincolns which were 3 separate grabs.

Grab 1: A 3 inch binder full of a complete set of 1990 Donruss, yeah yeah, but before you make assumptions: the cards were single filed (1 per pocket- all new pages including eitht 8 pocket pages) in order with the Grand Slammers and the MVP bonus set as well. However, what made this a golden goodie, was the variations like the reverse negative Diamond King and all six Nolan Ryan (3 errors 1 UER) two Gonzo reverse negatives. You get the idea. Not that binder and pages weren't worth the Lincoln, but just the cards above alone are worth more than the set. Although I absolutely "dislike" this set as IT IS the worst set ever produced, I couldn't pass that up.

What do you think?

Grab 2 : A 2 inch binder full of Minnesota Twins cards. It too came with all new pages filled 2 cards per pocket. Now, Twins are why I went to the flea market to begin with. I am trying to fill a box for someone new to the blogosphere and needed some more cards. So I get another binder in super shape, more new binder pages, and a very small handful of Pucketts and Windfields which I pulled out for my Hall Worthy. I probably have them already but I haven't been able to check anything yet, just scanned everything. Hey it will give me some more to send the newbie later. I feel it was worthy of the Lincoln.

What do you think?

Grab 3: Double handful of goodness, loose singles. Let us take a peek at those.

Yeah not much of Lincoln there although there is a reverse neg. DK from that 1990 set but there is more.

That Irvin goes into one of the birthday binders. The single Johnson will go into his Hally worthy binder, and the other Johnson paired with Mathewson will go into the latter. Oh and Cobb will go into his as well.

More yet, lots more.

Okay, I needed that 1989 coin for MY birthday binder. I still have no idea why these were ever labeled coins. At least the vintage Salada coins albeit plastic were a better call than these.

A pair of Hanks here, yeah the top one is creased in the corner but still it IS Hamer'n Hank! I already have the Candy City Team. I picked it up not too long back, wanted it for awhile so I couldn't pass this one up when literally cost me less than a nickel.

Is there more? You bet there is.

That first Jr had two copies of that one and I grabbed them both. A vintage Miller for that PC, a RC Cup, and you can see the rest like those Bench cards and the Maddux Master Photo card, now if I can just get the enlarged version, LOL.  So do you think I got the Lincoln yet? Well before you decide let's look at the other 10 scans.

OOPS! Got one upside down, sorry Frank! Again, everyone has a binder. I do think I have those Post cards at the bottom already, but not 100% positive.

Got 2 of the center card. I really want 2 sets of those Triad Ryan cards.

That Dawson and the Abbott are a bit dinged up, but hey.....Oh look, another Miller, and all of these have binders too.

Theres GOLD in that top row. Again, I may already have them, but..... a pair of Bonds and more Posts.

These are banged up a bit but hey, and I am pretty sure I have those 7-11 Fleer already.

Only a few more scans, am I getting close to my Lincoln value yet?

That Bill White goes into the Name Game binder. Santo is one of those guys that I need two of everyone I get, 1 for a birthday binder and 1 for the Hall Worthy binder. Got a Peyton, and that Reagan in the middle is a great looking card.

A little scratched up, and didn't even realize that double Bonds until after I scanned them.

Last one:

Great shot of the Stache. That wraps up the singles I coughed up a Lincoln for so tell me.......

What do you think?


  1. I think this is a nice bunch of cards. Congrats!

  2. I think you did well. I saw the Fisk rookie you won. I was going to grab it. Don't know why I have 4 others. Glad you got it.

    1. I'm glad you didn't bump up my max bid, LOL.

    2. On a card like this that I already have and I see somebody already put in a bid I just leave it alone.