Friday, February 20, 2015

Instant mini collections up for grabs

On my "State of the Blog" so to speak laying out my plans or goals if you will for 2015, I stated that I would be clearing out some of my many "mini" collections.  The first 5 have been eliminated and they are up for grabs. So how do you get them? Simple..... first follow if you're not already, then comment on this post, unfortunately needs to be a lower 48 (US) States address. I will then randomize the entries (two times) on Monday and will award the cards in this order.

1) Pitchers (with bat/on base),

 2) Dip Shots,

3) Doughnuts,  already packaged up.

4) No. 42s (seeing 42 on the jersey number),

5) Superman.

There are apx. 150-300 cards in each of the 5 mini collections up for grab. Great way to start a mini collection or to add to one you already have.


  1. Hi John! Am interested in the 42s please. thanks!

  2. I've got my fingers crossed for Superman!

  3. I'll take a shot with the pitchers at the plate/on the basepaths.

  4. Throw me in the randomizer for a spin. From the post it sounds like we don't get a choice, but just in case I read it wrong and the other commenters didn't, how about some doughnuts.

    1. you read it correctly, but hey no matter how it turns out you know who wants what and can make or work up a trade for something else you need.

  5. Love mini collections! I'll take a shot. Thanks!