Monday, February 9, 2015

Wuz that I can't see I'm Def

I was blindsided by Gavin (DefGav) from the blog BaseballCardBreakdown. Gavin sent along a surprise package of cards, which are the absolute best kind to get. You know the ones, the ones you don't know are coming.

I scanned them all before I checked to see what I needed and here they are.

Needed all of these but the center card. The Allison card was needed for the Name Game binder, and the mini one is cool because you see my NAME all over it.

Needed six of these. I love those Bowman Internationals.

I had 6 of these already.

A nice pair of Teddys.

Some Dale Jr's for Cyndi, she's gonna love em.

A pair of Golfers. Tiger is in his Sunday best clothes.

Some Elvis.

Anuda President.

Gavin wrapped up this package with this card.

That is an officially authentic signed and numbered Gavin Worn button from the shirt he wore on January 25, 2015 while making his post. That is an "eye-full" pun intended.

It kind of reminds me of another signed blogger card.

Not to leave out Nachos Grande, last year Chris had sent me a card resembling an A & G mini that I have misplaced.

Thanks Gavin!


  1. Glad you got a kick out of the cards!

  2. I got a surprise package from Gavin as well. It also had one of those relic autos numbered to 7.

  3. Gavin is great to trade with. Great variety you got there