Tuesday, April 23, 2024

This is a first for me.

 Like the title says....this is a first for me. 

Many of you know that I am building the Panini Chronicles sets.....basically all of them going back to the first one in 2017.

One of the things that me it near impossible to actually complete an entire year of all of the different brands is that there is usually 1 or 2 of the brands that are 60-100 cards in them. And they would be considered SP's in a normal set making it so difficult and obviously expensive.

This America's Pastime set is from the 2021 set. Back then I was buying the value boxes once they went on sale. That way I got a whole lot of cards on the cheap versus buying packs or blasters. I remember getting a bunch of those value boxes from Panini and other online dealers for dirt cheap. That ended in 2021 because the 2022 boxes never got discounted like that and so far the 2023 haven't either.

I did have 71% of this hundred card set already when I seen a Sports Lot auction for the complete set a couple of weeks back. It was on the third day and I placed a bid. I got outbid once so I bid again and after three days I won the lot for $21.00. Shipping was $12.99, but that was okay. 


Now I have dupes that many will go into the PC's. This is the first of those big sets that I have completed from any of the years. Spectra and Obsidian are two more of the larger sets as is the Revolution set. 

I hope to one day find some 9 pocket pages that handle the extra thick cards. For now these are sitting on the appropriate book shelf in a 700ct box. That is how thick they are.

As for the cards themselves.....they are ugly and really don't do much for me.

It would be great to catch some of those other larger brands in complete set for the cheap. We'll see as I continue to check the Sport Lots auction for deals.

Card #100 was awarded to Ryne Sandberg.

Not a super big deal but this brand being completed was not something that I had high hopes of completing so I am pleased with the purchase.


  1. My wife got me some plastic sheets on Amazon once that were the cheapest ones on there, and they are pretty loose. I think you could probably double bag them and they would work. I want to say they say Amazon basics on them. I’ll have to take note when I run across one.

  2. Those are some chunky boys! I have the Tatis in a thick top loader and the holder probably cost me more than the card(about 75c) But that's how I would store them if I had a complete set.

  3. The few that I have (because I don't like them) are in 8-pocket pages along with some other thicksters like the Project 20 cards. They stay in there OK. Obviously aren't ideal if you're working on a whole set.

  4. I've never seen these before. They look basic, but nice. Only two Minnesota players? Oh well! Have a great day.

  5. Glad you were able to complete the set with one purchase. I love these kinds of situations where you find a complete set for a reasonable price... and using the ones you already had as cards for your player and team PC's.

  6. I don't think those look terrible. Not a big fan because they aren't licensed, but they aren't terrible. If you have a dupe of Corey Seager, let me know and I'm sure we can trade something.

  7. Wow, that is a lot of the same poses over and over.

  8. Glad you finished the set! Especially like Buster Posey.