Tuesday, April 23, 2024

A few incoming

 I still have a few more incoming packages to get posted here.

These are Dover reprints from GCC. These I am pretty sure I need. Gotta love any Babe Ruth Braves cards reprint or not. These are about half of John sent, I still need to identify the reprint year on the others. Thanks John.

Now this is not a reprint. It is the last Braves card that I needed for my 51' Topps. Now TCDB lists this as a Hartfield card and not a Braves card. I count it as the variation of the Braves card #52. Fuji won this on Ebay and had the seller send it directly to me. It was in a PSA graded case, but I wasted no time popping it out of that prison.  Thanks Mark.

The above batch came from a recent trade with Bo. Half of these were upgrades and the other half are now haves that need to be upgraded. It is obvious which are which. Thanks Bo.

This should clear out the incoming file for a little while. 


  1. Looks like those two Yaz photos maybe were taken at the same time.

  2. Nice vintage from 1960-1976. Even a couple of Twins.

  3. I wonder how many years Dover made those reprint books. I feel like I've seen. I also wonder how many they printed, because there seem to be a lot out there. I just bought one on Amazon for $5.95.

    P.S. I figured you would pop the card out of the holder. The only reason I bought a graded one was so you'd know it was authentic.

  4. Congrats on finishing the '51 Topps Braves set!