Friday, April 19, 2024

More Batman

 We've made our way to the Topps Blue Bats. Unfortunately I only own 11 of the Topps. Odd for me to unknowingly acquire all but three of the OPC cards.

Should be pretty easy to hit the missing cards in this set.... that is if you can ever find the Topps Blue Bats in the wild. 

Next week we can look at the Red Bats and their puzzles (sort of).


  1. If I had some, I would send them to you. Sorry. Have a great weekend!

  2. I read once that when Toronto got a major league team, Labatt's Blue tried to get them called the Blue Bats so in French they'd be Les Bats Bleu.

  3. I only own three vintage Batman cards... and I'm pretty sure they're all black bats. Are the blue bats shorter printed? What about the reds?