Thursday, April 11, 2024

Doc's dime boxes

 Okay here we begin with what I originally forecasted as two posts but have decided to go with three. Up in Jacksonville at the card show last weekend the last purchase I made was from Doc who hails from the Ormond area and I see him frequently on my visits there. Heck sometimes he is actually helping Kyle out by working the store when Kyle, Mike, or Bill can not. I have been scoring big or good deals from Doc for years. You can back to my $20.00 or less monster boxes from 2, 3, even 4 years ago (while I was up in GA). Several deals since I've been back home (1.5 years now). No, this series of posts will not be highlighting a big score. No, I did attempt but it just wasn't happening this trip. I did plunder through the three dimes boxes he had out and pulled 300+ cards that I paid $20.00 for. Roughly a nickel a piece. I'm okay with that, I did want two of the three boxes, and had he offered them up for $20.00 a piece I would have jumped. Instead i brought home the ones that I actually picked out. these will be PC guys for the most part, but also parallels, inserts, and SPs of my PC guys. There was apx 100 cards that were strictly set builds, that I am not going to highlight and so far (half way through checking those) I only found a handful that I actually needed. With that said.....

I did try to eliminate dupes within the scans, but I know I missed several. I also did not scan every single cards. For instance there were some more "pink" cards that I didn't scan. The nine above gives you an idea, and there will be others throughout the series.

The Eckersley SP variation is probably the best card of the entire pull. You can also see some "orange" cards. 

Not the only RWB cards you will see, but I did yank many out to not scan. 

I finally got my Trading Card Day cards into a binder this week. I'm happy about that. One day I'll post those up as a collection. 

Independence parallels.

getting more into the PC guys portion of the pulls and many as you can see are Donruss BLUE parallels. In regards to the PC guys, I more than likely don't need any of them but I have no idea and won't for sometime.

Yes, I did grab two on those (the dupes) on the bottom on purpose as Abreu and TRout are both PC guys.  Stopping here tonight and will bring another round tomorrow and then again on Tuesday. I have something else for Monday.


  1. Nice variety. I like the Trading Card Day design, especially the first five. Doc round two tomorrow.

  2. I'm the worst when it comes to identifying SP's within Topps products. I know you can use the codes on the back, but they are so small... I literally need a magnifying class.

    1. I use reading glasses and a magnifying glass just to read the stats or numbers on the backs