Tuesday, April 2, 2024


 Finally made it to the end. Well as far as teams go. I have managed to make a stack of misc autos/relics that I didn't put into the binders since I started this them. Maybe I'll put those out there maybe not. You'll just have to be on the look out if I do.

There you have it. Now is as good as any to catch y'all up. I did not go to the Villages card show this past Saturday. No goodies to show for that. I did however run over to Ormond today to peek at the dime boxes that I hadn't seen in over a month. While there I picked up a raffle prize that I won at last months trade night which I was not present. More on all of that in the coming weeks. I also need to own a boo boo. I mentioned previously that I had two boxes from February gets to scan and post up. The small lot (I figured it would be covered in 2 posts) will be 3 posts worth adn I only scanned a third of the cards. So looks like it will take the full month to truly be caught up. I do still plan on hitting the Jax card show this coming weekend.

Have a great night.


  1. I certainly see a few here I like. I did already sent just about everything I had for you for those '56s (I don't regret it). Best bet might be some vintage upgrades. Piniella and Melky are the two that jump out at me. But I also like the Mills, the Urshela, the two 86s, the Luke Voit. Luis Gil had a nice game yesterday but I'm not a fan of the Christmas gimmick.

    I'll send you an email soon.

  2. The more you need to catch up the more cards us as readers get to see. It's a bonus! Have a great night.

  3. Congratulations on winning a raffle prize. Can't wait to see the prize. That Venditte is cool. Didn't realize he started his career with the Yankees organization.

  4. Love the Pat Venditte. It's not every game that you see a switch-pitcher.