Monday, April 15, 2024

Jackie Robinson Day.

 Batter up! Time for my annual JRD appreciation. Now I would like to lay the groundwork here. The cards tonight are JRD's cards (well two are). I do have a Jackie Robinson PC, and maybe next year I will add those to the post. The cards here tonight are all PC dupes or guys that are not PC guys. That is how nearly all of my mini collections are set up. Braves binder first, then PC, then mini's. 

The first "batch" we have tonight are cards (dupes if you will) of guys that also wore Jackie's jersey number 42. 

Right off you see the two mentioned JR cards. It is his day so I had to start off with a couple. Now certainly there are some guys missing, and I am sure to have them elsewhere just not been on the high priority list to do since I have been back home. One day I will rectify that. 

Yes, I did include two of the 2016 cards that players wore #42 on JRD. I'm sure 2016 has a lot more cards featuring that, but 2016 is the year I took off for Georgia to help Uncle Fred.

2017 is in order so you can see here that I am missing #JRD15

Now for 2018 and right off I am missing card 1.

I obviously and missing at least one more here. I'm not sure how many Topps produced this year. I've even included a serial numbered parallel and an autographed JRD card and then just 1 card from 2019.

That's it for tonight! Back tomorrow with the last of Doc's dime cards (nickel cards). Who knows maybe for next year I'll put out my books and mags on Jackie Robinson. I could blab about how good he was or what he did for the game of baseball, and for America but we all know that stuff so I hope you enjoyed the cards that show appreciation and respect for one of the game's greatest.


  1. Nice cards, but no Twins until 2017 when Joe Mauer made an appearance.

  2. I'd love to see your collection of Jackie Robinson books and magazines in a future post. Any of them from his playing days?

  3. What is the point of those JRD cards where you can't even see the player's number? Like Tanaka for example. Typical Topps half-effort job.

    1. I agree! The backs highlight a JRD feat of the player on the front, but the front is supposed to be more important.