Thursday, April 18, 2024

1966 Batman round two

 Picking right up where I left off yesterday with the Black Bat before moving into the well you'll see.

Okay that finishes the Black Bat portion. Now we will move into the Blue Bat portion, just NOT Topps. Nope, these are O-pee-chee Batman cards, and nearly the entire set.

I must say here that the backs are certainly different. They contain puzzle pieces.. Lots of different characters too. Each having their own puzzle ranging from 6 cards to 10 cards. With that said, I don't have any extras to put together the puzzles from the OPC set. I have however scanned the backs on the last scan so that you can see how they differ from the Black set.

There you can see the first two cards I am missing for OPC set.

Another missing card.

Missing a whopping 3 cards to complete the set. Well, unless you count the dupes needed for the puzzles.

That is a bit different although there is still a story line that you can follow. Don't be too disappointed without the puzzles here. The Topps Blue Bat set also differs on the backs from that of OPC and no puzzle at all that is until we get to the Red Bat Topps set.


  1. If you have any dupes, this batman fan would be Interested!

  2. Three missing cards? You would think that is possible to complete. More action words. I remember them being flashed on the TV screen during the show.

  3. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na...Batman!

  4. More awesomeness! Wonder what the story is behind Batman vs. the dinosaur.

  5. Why are the horizontal cards facing different directions? Are the backs oriented the same way? OPC variations? Is Topps Blue Bat the same way?

    1. I oriented the backs to go the same way, so apparently Topps/OPC has always had the issue.