Sunday, October 30, 2022

September Sport Lots #2 PLUS the free almost daily giveaway

 Friday's winner was Night Owl.

Just like Friday scan heavy Braves for part two of the SL order back in September.

Lots of minis.

I have forgotten what the deal was with the Newcomb's. But they are different.

Stopping here. One more Braves post then 1 of the PC additions. Then I can finally get to the October cards. I will be short changing some of those posts to mainly the Braves (comc and SL). That way I can cover everything from the show too. Plus, get into a new once a week theme for Monday's. It will be a temporary theme as at some point I will run out of the content.


  1. You must spend 8 hours a day just scanning and sorting!

  2. I've always had mixed feelings about the Allen and Ginter but they look nice together there. Also surprised myself, really like the Heritage that has nothing but borders and the Heritage logo

  3. A&G mini cards are really cool.

    Good Job! 👍

  4. Love all of the Bowman’s. Hopefully that completes some sets for you.

  5. Those blue-bordered Heritage look nice in the scan. They look almost shiny.

  6. Incredible variety. Great cards.

  7. I liked that year's Big Leage set. Awesome action shot with Acuna!

  8. Like Kevin, I don't know where you find the time to do all of this scanning.

  9. So much scanning! But a lot of cool-looking cards in there. Do you sort by set or by player?

    1. My Braves team sets are sorted by "set" minus the ones that fall into my PC's and chronologically. The PC's are indeed sorted by player and chronologically.