Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Back to the show cards plus the daily (weekday) baseball card giveaway..... Free cards.

 Refresher: I always start out with at my buddy Fred's table/s. He had stuff from 2 other sellers he was handling for them along with his stuff.

There are the two Braves Grissom cards that I paid way too much for. Not complaining though. (I mentioned the Heritage Minors Vaughn previously). I also mentioned that I scooped some amazing deals. The cards tonight were just an average deal. I have 1 more post to cover the other half of this "buy" from Fred. Not sure when I will post those yet.

A trio of Wander Franco.

Now for some vintage.

Yes, I know those are dupes.  Turns out that I only needed 1 of the dupe pairs. 3rd row 1 for set build (upgrade) and 1 for the Doby PC plus move the lesser condition card I already had to the Minosa PC. I put the Kaline in his PC.

Couldn't leave this one in his glass case either. Turns out I already had one in the PC and the set build. I have to see if it upgrades either.

Now that is an Odd Ball direct from Topps.

Fred thought this card was a stadium giveaway, but I'm pretty sure it is a custom. I grabbed all of the baseball custom/sort of customs from Fred.  Those will be in there own post.

Last night's winner was: Night Owl


  1. Beautiful cards today. Even if they were only an average deal.

  2. Wooo! ... That Kobe Bryant custom arrived from you just yesterday! I knew right away it was a custom. Also, this post demonstrates that there are so many sets now that I'm not even going to try to figure them all out anymore.

  3. Lots of great cards there. The Pro Set and JFK cards caught my eye immediately but there's so many fun cards there.

  4. Don't much like the writing on the front but the rest of the Koufax Project 2020 card is kinda neat.

  5. Love the Franco’s and the ‘75 Highlights Soto.

  6. Especially love the vintage...

    And the Judges are timely. I went to the afternoon game but not tonight - oh well.

  7. Cool vintage stuff. Like the titles they gave to the multi-player cards. RJ

  8. Those 2 Kennedy cards are real nice, what set are those from?