Thursday, October 6, 2022

A TEN Dollar deal plus Free cards.

 This deal cost a whopping ten bucks. 

The complete set of Yankees pins, mind you I am no Yankees fan. I do however collect a lot of the players. It is a neat item.

To make it an even better deal.

Not an expensive book by no means, it is still a nice little bump.  There are a few more SUPER deals from Fred. One cost me $20.00, another cost $30.00, and the last deal will run all next week and maybe even two full weeks. I can't wait to get that deal. Definitely not your normal posts. I will let you know at the end what it cost.

To win FREE baseball cards, follow this blog, and comment on this post before midnight.

Last nights winner was: John Sharp


  1. I have some of those pins somewhere.

  2. Earl Weaver, Senior Consultant? As in the Hall of Fame manager Earl Weaver? Interesting choice for a consultant, although I'm sure he provided a unique perspective.

  3. The pin set is indeed cool, appreciate you!

  4. I've always wondered if people actually wear those pins? I used to collect some Jays ones back in the day and never knew where to store them and inevitably got lost

  5. Yankee lover!!! Where do you keep all the stuff you buy? I'm running out of room with my comparatively tiny collection!

    1. Not a Yankees fan, but I do collect a lot of the players and former players (over 1500 PC guys) I quit counting long ago. I'd be quite fine if they lost 100 games a year every year, lol. I have the same problem with the Dodgers. I'm 100% a Braves fan.

  6. I had some of those Baseball Legends books as a kid. Got me interested in Deadball era baseball.

  7. Nice pin set, some throwback names in that collection