Thursday, October 13, 2022

Continuation of the $30.00 deal as well as the Free cards.

 The winner last night was: Jafronius.

In case you missed my comment on last night's post. The 2nd set was:

1995 Baseball's Hall of Famers Creating History. A 36 card set.

I decided to do all of the remaining scans for this deal.  

Complete set:

Again, just a reminder that I am not a Dodgers fan, but the entire set with those posted yesterday. Yep, I jumped on it. Besides I do collect a lot of the players like Pafko (birthday binder guy). Hodges and Snider both PC guys.

Of course Jackie Robinson. 

Campy, Black, and Pee Wee are PC guys.

Newcombe too.

Jackie, Campy, Black, and Pee Wee again.

Podres, Snider, Hodges, and Newcombe again.

Repeating the names again.

Add Lasorda to the list.

Yep that is Roberto Clemente on a Dodgers card. Throw in Zimmer too.

Repeating names again.

Get to add in Sandy Koufax.

Add Drysdale, and noting that when I get a dupe of Alston I throw him in my maybe one day boxes.

A few names repeating here.

A few more.

Certainly got some Jackie Robinson cards in this set.

I'm sure there is a story why the Snider card is using different colors than the rest that use yellow and red or blue and the two that have green.

I haven't pulled my PC guys out of the pages yet, tempted but who knows. There maybe a Dodger fan out there that needs this set. For now they remain sitting in the thin blue folder they came in when I bought them.

Don't forget to follow this blog then comment below before midnight tonight to get some cards..... baseball cards..... stars and or team faves.


  1. Still need 5 cards from this set, '53 Robinson, '54 Hodges, '55 Lasorda, '56 Bessent and '56 Robinson. Weird to have the originals but not the reprints.

  2. Love the cards that never were in this set. Ill have to add the World Series highlights cards to my 1955 checklist

  3. Am I a nerd for saying that I like that colour pallette?

  4. I always liked that Clemente on the Dodgers card.

  5. I'm a sucker for all things Brooklyn Dodgers.

    Good Job! 👍

  6. Lot of Montreal connections there too. Being the AAA team for Brooklyn.

  7. Cards from that set I sometimes confuse with the Topps Archives sets that came out around the same time.

  8. Always weirds me out when they add borders where the originals didn't have them (55T and 55B in this case)

  9. I have never seen that many Dodgers History cards before. I thought they were the Archives cards at first. They look nice.

  10. I may have to start a PC of my birthday of which I turned 60 today.

  11. Nice looking set! And thanks for the Topps Gallery cards in the last PWC, I don't go into Wal-Mart enough to see if that set's around.

  12. This is such a cool set. I didn't know it existed until I stumbled across one at the flea market a few years ago. My favorite card is the Clemente. Had no idea he was once signed by the Dodgers.