Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Wrappers: Part two and free baseball cards

 I want to chat a little bit more about my one day run back to Ocala. My home home. After church, my ex-wife wanted to take Hunter and Elijah out to lunch. I went back to the house and decided to do a few things while they went to McDonalds. I fixed a couple of lose door knobs, filled out my absentee ballot (gotta vote), and Hunter wanted a bottle of Coca-Cola and some Gain laundry detergent so I went and grabbed those along with a new air filter. Knowing that I don't have any free time for buying anymore cards, I decided to wait until after I checked out to look at the card aisle which I miss very very much. I have plenty of cards that I knew were coming in from ComC and SportLots both due on Monday (yesterday) and that I won't even be able open them for at least three weeks. I checked out and on the way to the out door, there was "my card aisle". Here you can look at it for yourselves.

Isn't that beautiful?

Last night's winner (most comments so far-14) of free baseball cards was: Derek

Okay back to the wrappers.

This 85' wrapper is different than the last two to end yesterday's post.

5 different 84' wrappers. Okay really just 3 different as that last one is an O-Pee-Chee. Did you catch that? That's a tease as OPC has there own post coming (minus this one wrapper).

4 different 82's.

4 different 81's too.

There are 3 different 80' wrappers here, but tomorrow should have one more.

Comment before midnight tonight for a chance at free cards.


  1. Wow, that aisle is packed! Cards, supplies, everything.

  2. I don't really collect wrappers, but if I got a large batch of them like this, I might just start.

  3. Back in 1970 I was opening the wrappers for the cards. I never thought I should be keeping any wrappers. Oh well!

  4. The wrappers are rather interesting..

  5. Man, that’s a nice card aisle. My Wal Mart has a card aisle but it is usually picked through.
    I’ve also wanted to know for the longest time when Topps changed their logo to the current one, and it appears with that one old logo wrapper that it was in 1982.

  6. Someone at Topps must have really liked red, green, and blue.

  7. Thanks! I received an envelope of great cards from you last week. I can't complain about Jays content. Thought it neat as well to see through wrappers when Topps changed their logo.

  8. Always looked forward to see what the wrappers looked like. I was so blessed with the 70s wrappers as a kid.

    Good Job! 👍

  9. Doubt I'll ever get around to it... but it'd be pretty cool to add all of the different wrapper variations to the 80's Topps sets.