Saturday, October 22, 2022

Wrappers and free baseball cards

The winner for Friday night was: TDK

Now let us begin the journey (will take 2 days) going down the road of non sports wrappers. I know that many are not interested and I also know that many are.

Yes, that is a Reggie candy bar wrapper. Oh well. Technically, both of these wrappers are baseball. LOL. So are the next four.

Pretty sure I have all of those sets.

Vintage Elvis wrappers.

Vintage 60's Batman!

Not vintage Batman. 

I absolutely love these stickers. Collected them as a kid right along with my Wacky Packages. If you have some I want them, no matter from 74, 75, or 76'.

Planet of the Apes. As for Tarzan, yeah I didn't collect those.


I'm not sure if my 1978 Kiss set is complete, maybe.... This is the stopping point for today. We'll "WRAP" things up tomorrow.


  1. I've got a Reggie bar wrapper too, but it is different from that one. I'll show it on my blog soon, just for fun.

  2. The Reggie Bar wrapper is a classic.

  3. I somehow had some of those KISS cards!

  4. Hey, I think I remember those Baseball Grossout wrappers.

    Good Job!👍

  5. Reggie wrapper is fun. The others I don't know at all.

  6. I would have to think that the older Batman wrapper would command a lot more than five bucks just by itself. As cool as that one is though, I like the one for Planet of the Apes the best. I've never seen a wrapper from that set before.

  7. Holy wax wrapper... that 60's Batman wrapper is sweet!

  8. The non vintage Batman brings back some good memories.

  9. Count me as the non-interested (sorry). Looking forward to getting back to the cards. I know Topps Update 2022 is releasing tomorrow, and we have a Series that starts Friday, for which I imagine most everyone is rooting for Philadelphia.

    1. probably..... phils vs astros yeah, however I doubt the overall enthusiasm will be that high this year. I know I ain't feeling it.