Thursday, October 6, 2022

2016 Triple Threads, GORGEOUS set. plus the freebies!

Some griping first: Archives checklist is out and the braves have 168 cards, 18 base with 4 being SPs, 14 base non SP's have parallels (duh). The gripe: not 1 single card of the ROY candidates Spencer Strider or Michael Harris II.  There are 2 base Soler (gone), 2 base Chipper (retired), and 2 base Hank Aaron (not complaining on him) why not 1 Strider and Harris? I don't get it.

Friday night's winner was GTT.

 Normally I like a background, a real life background, but this set is beyond beautiful. Love it.

The cards look even better in hand.

There you have cards 1-100. Last night's winner was:


  1. I don't know what it is about these cards, just too fancy for me or something. ... I'll have to check out the Archives Dodgers checklist, I have a feeling I won't enjoy it.

  2. Just checked out the checklist. As a Red Sox collector I'm rather pleased. They took a break from Yaz and Williams and included Tris Speaker for the first time.

  3. The design is ok. Maybe they are better in hand.
    I kind of wish Archives would go back to the ‘03-‘05 format with just fan-favorite types and not current guys. I’ll still probably get a pack or two.

  4. Gonna need tonlook for the Tigers cards in Archives.

    Good Job! 👍

  5. I'm happy any time I see an Expos card.. Though I don't know about these...