Friday, October 7, 2022

The $20.00 deal and some free baseball cards

 Last night's winner was: Bo

I mentioned that the Sept. card show had lots of great deals. Here is one that cost me $20.00, and this is just the first of two posts covering the deal.

I have the metal box too. I had one of these Metallic sets of Nolan Ryan already, so Willie yeah good grab.

I had bought a blue one of these years ago, obviously a different year. I forget which one, but I think I sent it to an OCT bud, so I sent him this one too.

These old postcards are cool. I grabbed all three Hoyt's and earmarked a couple of them for a couple of y'all.

Pretty sure that is a facsimile autograph on the Drysdale. It looks just like that on all of the scans online.

Someone wrote on the backs, tis tis, oh well doesn't bother me on these.

How cool would it be if that Campy was a real sig? The Messersmith has a puzzle back. I am curious to who and what the puzzle is now.

I'll stop here and wrap up the other 9 scans on Tuesday. Have a great weekend, be safe, have fun see ya!


  1. Thank you!

    Messersmith is a '75 SSPC puzzle back. Puzzle is Nolan Ryan and Catfish Hunter.

  2. I don't see a lot of those postcards in the wild. Nice finds.

  3. Cool postcards, very nice. Oh, and I got a nice PWE from you today, thanks!!

  4. Those metal Mays cards are intriguing

  5. Wow some fantastic stuff there especially the postcards.

  6. Don't think I've seen that Dick Allen before, really cool! And any post that mentions Hoyt is a success in my book!

    1. Ha, just like Nick, I was digging on the Hoyt and Dick Allen. I've got a signed copy of that Hoyt, happy to say.

  7. Cool postcards. I always thought metal cards were great.

  8. Nice postcards! And an Angels in Order sighting!

  9. Those metal cards always remind me of the 90's when everything was an "investment".

  10. Always love o see the JD McCarthy postcards. I haven't done the search for them yet but I can feeling it coming any day now.

  11. Fantastic purchase! Those postcards are awesome.