Monday, October 10, 2022

Back to the September Jax. card show DEALS, oh yeah more freebies free free free cards

 Last night's free card winners was:

I am out of recently completed sets, although I am close on many. However, with the "work" that I have to get done here in Georgia, I have requested shipment from whatever I had sitting at ComC and SportLots. Those will certainly be the last from them this year. I have to pack up my cards too and take back home, so I will be knocking out the stacks putting them in their binders or boxes whichever they are. Because I have tons of cards here and back home, these here are being placed in climate controlled storage until I clear my house before moving back home. I tweaked my back last week loading the 40 gallon tubs I had been putting them in (the completed sets). Big mistake, even though they are on wheels, you still have to lift them in and out of the vehicle. On my third trip last Thursday to the storage unit I got the last of 9 of those tubs loaded, but said nope done, need a few days. I still need tubs to safely secure my binders and boxes, but will have to try to find some that are half that size and still have wheels. Those friggin 40 galloner's must weigh 300 lbs. If I weren't by myself, probably not a big deal, but I am and it is what it is. Okay that's the latest on me let's get to another super deal!

Technically, this is not "another deal" it is the remaining half of the $20.00 deal we posted on Friday.

Bunch of these, and no they are not for me, lol.

I have not and probably will not take the postcards out of the book. 

1964 Topps Giants of Warren Spahn, pretty sure I didn't need it but who cares. And the oversize/jumbo Braves team card was the last I needed for that complete set build.

The backs are great!

To finish up this deal a record.

Should be starting the $30.00 deal tomorrow.


  1. Really love baseball art.

    Good Job! 👍

  2. Spahn 33LP. Was he a singer? How many people even know that the Milwaukee Braves were a team?

  3. Nice team photo card. I wish Topps would do team photo cards again in the flagship set.

  4. Definitely sweet Spahns! Nothing wrong with those Dodgertown postcards either, even for a Braves fan.

  5. Some nice vintage photos in this group.

  6. I have a lot of Dodgers postcards, but you've shown a few I don't have.

  7. Does the record still work? And you're leaving us in suspence by not revealing the winner. :)

  8. When I first started blogging, I ran a little card tournament based off of a blog bat-a-round. The winner was the Ernie Banks version of that record. I've never seen the records show up on anyone else's blogs until now.