Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The rest of the customs. and FREE FREE FREE cards!

 Okay, Tuesday I ended that post with a Kobe custom Dodgers card. Let's go from there.

This is the back of the Kobe card. Probably should have ended the last post with it. Not sure why I didn't.

I grabbed another what appears to be a custom by the same "maker". Three of the four players are PC guys, so that one I am keeping. If you notice it is slightly shorter than Kobe.

The backs side by side. 

The batch above are not customs. Love the Starting Lineup cards. Yes, I know all Yankees. The pair of Mickey Mantle was nice, as is the Wander Franco. You really can't go wrong with Soto or a Trout numbered to 25!

Now we are back to the customs if you can call them customs.

The rest are sort of customs. They are NOT "original" sketch art cards, but I consider them in the class of customs. They are images borrowed/cropped into a card program by Vela, he didn't actually create the  photos, just used them on his cards.

Is that an Altuve Christmas card?   We'll let Gavin decide. After all he makes customs, and collects 12/25 cards. 

No idea what is up with the top Campanella. Numbered 0/0, the color on the front is different from the other, I don't know maybe a test proof or something. I do know this.... it isn't everday you see a card numbered 0/0.

Last night's winner was: The Diamond King


  1. Those are some fun customs! I especially like the Josh Gibsons!

  2. Nice. Those Vela cards are kind of nice. I don't usually like commercial customs much, but those are cool.

  3. Oh, that Chery Ladd card, my All-Time favorite Angel!

  4. That Thurman Munson card is cool, I like that.

    Sometimes I think I would like to try making customs, but I'm not good at making the designs work.

    With the first scan of sketch cards, my initial thought was that there was quite a range of quality, some really good and some really bad. Surprised they were all by the same guy.

    1. I had to go back and edit my commentary on Vela, he didn't actually sketch the images. He used a computer program borrowing the images someone else did. Some controversary over the nature of his business has been around for years, I liked the cards so I bought them, and just the way I liek for cheap, lol.

  5. I'm always impressed by the calibre of the customs that could pass for professionally made. Arguably, they ARE professionally made!

  6. I wonder if Vela did customs for all the Angels besides Farrah and Cheryl, that would be awesome

  7. Nice creations well beyond my capabilities. Enjoy the day!

  8. Yeah, nice Altuve Christmas card! I don't really go after those Vela cards, but think I have a couple that found their way into my collection.

  9. I've seen those customs on eBay quite a bit over the years, but never pay much attention to them. That being said, if I ever came across the Farrah, Cheryl, or Marilyn for under a buck, I'd buy it!

  10. Saw the Kobe on Night Owl's post and he mentioned you showing it off on your blog. Sorry I haven't been able to read all of your stuff. Life has been a little hectic. Hoping to catch up and read a few of your more recent posts this weekend.