Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Next set: 2000 Bowman's Best and another contest!

 While scooping up the 98's I scooped up as many BB's as I could get on the cheap. I was able to complete the 2000 set too.

This set is a 200 card set, however the last 50 are SP's and will not be included here. I will eventually obtain those too, but for now I considered this one done.

I like this gold set (portion of the set) so much better than the 98'.

I especially like the colored section.

You know the contest rules. Meanwhile the winner from last night was.....

There were 8 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. the diamond king
  2. john sharp
  3. trevor p
  4. night owl
  5. jafronius
  6. bo
  7. jeremya1um
  8. matt

IP: 2604:2d80:9793:3400:4c2d:ff11:e11a:805f
Timestamp: 2022-08-03 22:46:22 UTC

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  1. Yes, I like these a lot more. That's what the turn of the century will do!

  2. So much gold! How far are you from completing the SPs?

    1. no clue at the moment, I probably need most of them.

  3. Loving these late ‘90’s prospects!

  4. Some crazy sets back in the day... Email sent and thanks!

  5. Well, saw a Eric Munson card that I've never seen before. Pretty cool.

  6. Interesting set, I had only seen the Larkin before, didn't realize there were different designs throughout the base set.

  7. Typically I don't like the multiple photos on the front of the card, but I kinda like these!

  8. Sabathia is young and thinner!

  9. Solid looking set. I like the use of two images.

  10. That small colored section (subset?) is really nice. Personally, I would've liked to have seen the whole set look like that.

  11. I like the look of the prospect cards in this. The Soriano was always one of my favorite cards of his.