Friday, August 26, 2022

The Daily FREE baseball cards! My Braves Bowman Run: part 1 of 2

 I have put a major dent in my Braves needs this year. The most recent has been a slew of Bowman. I currently have another ComC order that should be shipped by Sept 1, and I have another nice inventory waiting the arrival of the the one processing now. That one is 95% Braves scattered from all of my Braves want lists. I figured a way to to knock them down quickly by having my Sportlots page open and the Comc. I ran down the lists plugging in the year brand and player name rather than by individual card numbers on both sites. Normally that would have taken me a year or two to check each needed Braves card. Check SL first to see if I could get it for .18 (BTW I have a huge order (1K+) getting ready to ship there, and another 600+ in my cart now). I was blown away that I hit every Braves card on my individual lists and I mean every single base card or parallel. Inserts are a different animal that in no way going to try to figure that out. Anyways, I checked every need over a 2 week period, so big dent. Of course I didn't buy every card I need, if it wasn't a deal I wasn't buying. But still this year I've knocked off several thousand needs and that is a big deal. Most of what I need now are parallels, in fact I have my flagship Topps & flagship Bowman runs near COMPLETE (that isn't all of the off shoot sets). I'll put up a post either at years end or the beginning of the New Year regarding those remaining needs.

Let's start this 2 day run of Bowman Braves.

Those are not duplicates. The one of the left is the "White" parallel and the one of the right is the base card. Yeah, and I thought I had seen all of the stupid parallels already. This one has to be the dumbest idea at HQ.

The Lofton refractor sure scanned nicely.

Another Pache auto on the cheap.

This is a real good example of why I dislike modern Bowman products.

BC, BCP, BCPP, BD, BDPP, etc.  frigging too much. Makes me lose my mind hence my attempt to get the bulk of them done and over with permanently.

Feels good to know that Monday will be the last Bowman post for awhile (not including the SL orders) LOL. I still have 3 scans of other Topps brands from that last  ComC order that I'll mix in with other cards from traders. But then.....I get to start the cards from the last card show.

Due to my screw up the other day with the FREE cards tonight will be the last night I show them. You will just have to be surprised to what you win. Simple rules be a follower of this blog and comment. I randomize 3x to get the winner.

There ya go. Now the winner from last night:

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  1. New follower as of today. Thanks for doing this and I'm looking forward to read some of your past and new entries to come. RJ

  2. Following as of today. Looking forward to reading some great card information. RJ

  3. What's there not to like about parallel after parallel after parallel of a parallel of parallel of parallels?

    Just kidding... Glad I'm not a master set collector. It'd be so discouraging. As a player collector, I already get so discouraged by SPs and 1/1 cards.

    1. I don't believe it is possible to be a master set collector these days (the last 15 years)

  4. Another Devers RC? Too bad I missed out on last nights!

  5. Funny to see the autographs of the same player looking so different. Clearly at different points of the hand getting tired from signing hundreds of cards at a time.

  6. Nice Lofton! I love 90's refractors.

  7. Pretty cool that you're getting deals on autographs!

    1. pretty sure all of the non stars were apx a buck or less. It was only 5 years ago, I could buy bulk autos at a quarter a piece. I did a 1500 ct box (about 1200 autos cards) for 200.00