Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Let's do this.

 Rambling here. I've had a ton cards come in over the last month or so. From ComC there are 2 separate HUGE box orders that came in as well as 2 from Sport Lots. The SL order shipped together as one. However one of the sellers didn't have free shipping to box, sop those were sent directly to me.

I decided NOT to scan the rest from Sport Lots because the ComC orders will take a couple of weeks to get through those scans (70). Mainly it was cards for the high end sets which is what a lot of what the ComC cards are, so I think were good there. I bindered up my Triple Threads sets, so that as they come in I can just grab the binder (took 3 binders to cover all of the years). 

Now for the contest winner from last night:

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  2. BO
  3. DEREK
  4. TDK
  5. MATT

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Now for tonight's contest cards:


  1. I think the Tribute cards look great, especially that Mauer. And the Sterling do a very nice job with the team logos. Spiffy.

  2. I've never understood Bowman Sterling's appeal ... I actually have some of those Kershaws.

  3. Can those QR codes on the season ticket cards actually be read?

  4. I would not have thought that a design featuring wood and an almost rainbow-like multicolor element would look good together, but those Tribute cards are very well done!

  5. For being logoless, the W.A.R. inserts don't look too bad.