Tuesday, August 2, 2022

1998 Bowman's Best and another contest.

 Going back a little further with this one. 1998 BB. I contemplating adding Bowman's Best and Topps Finest too to my quest of high end set builds. 

Obviously they won out.  This particular set is ugly to me. Most of the older sets are so much better.

The rules for the contest are the same as noted in yesterday's post.

This set is a 200 card base set.

The silver cards are better looking than the gold ones.

Yesterday's winner was>>>>>:

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  1. defgav
  2. elliptical man
  3. jerenya1um
  4. matt
  5. night owl
  6. jeremy
  7. the diamond king

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Gavin you won!


  1. I like that set, but then again, I seem to be the only blogger who likes yellow cards. Thanks for the contest!

  2. Congrats on the complete set, but yeah it's an ugly one. Those big circles do nothing for me...

  3. Glad you added the Bowman’s Best and Finest. So many fun prospects in the ‘98 Bowman’s Best set. I am with you in agreeing the prospect silver looks a ton better than the veteran gold version in ‘98 Bowman’s Best. And for the record, I think ‘98 Finest is one of the best designs in the past 25 years. Look forward to seeing those if you happen to pick any up.

  4. I don't think I have any from this set. I have to say, I like yesterday's Triple Threads much more than these.

  5. I never minded those gold ones until I see them all in a set like that. But you are right, the silver look a lot better.

  6. Congrats to Gavin! Congrats on another complete set, lots of memorable (and forgettable) players there.

  7. Couple of Tigers 🐅 cards.

    Appreciate the opportunity.

  8. You can leave me out of the contest, just wanted to congratulate you on another completed set.

  9. Yeah, late '90s sets, there aren't a lot that I find attractive. This isn't too terrible. It's a lot to look at all at once though.

  10. The regular 90's Bowman's Best cards are okay... but the refractors are gorgeous.

  11. Not the best Bowman's Best, but the refractors and atomic refractors hold up nicely.

  12. Woo! Thanks, John. Excited for the mystery prize.

  13. Always appreciate a nice 90s card set!