Thursday, August 4, 2022

A little newer perhaps? Oh and another contest!

 Getting a little closer to this decade with this set. Going with a short set as today is my Uncle's 99th birthday. Keeping it quick. Enjoy.


Nice set. I especially like the faint images in the background.

I am aware that the Mel Ott is the GOLD parallel, the base is sitting in my ComC inventory. Because I have already received TWO ComC packages that are waiting to post on I decided to go ahead and scan the Ott with the parallel. Forgive me.

As a Brave fan I can not complain with the last card #100 being Hank.

Another contest tonight. 

Last night's winner Jeremy.

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  1. 99!! Amazing. And those cards do look nice, I don't think I have any of that particular set. I especially like the look of some of those players from the 70s like the Stargell.

  2. Schmidt without the 'stache. Interesting choice.

  3. 99???? Wow! ... I've got that fourth place wrapped up.

  4. I think the blurred backgrounds really suit the old school player cards. For some reason it doesn't have the same "feel" for me with the more recent players

  5. Happy birthday! #99 like Aaron Judge. He was born two days after President Harding died in office.

    These are some nice looking cards.

  6. Wish your uncle a very happy birthday! 99 is impressive. Where's the Gretzky card?

  7. Happy Birthday to your uncle. 99 is awesome!!

    Lovely set as well!

  8. 99 is even more impressive than that rather impressive set you have there!

  9. Great looking set...and happy birthday to your Uncle!

  10. Happy belated birthday to your uncle!

    I'm not sure if I've seen this set before or not, but I kind of like it. I think that the background effect is my favorite part of the design.

  11. Yes it is a nice set. Happy 99 to your Uncle

  12. Happy birthday to your Uncle! That set looks real pretty - a little high on the Yankee content, but pretty nonetheless!