Sunday, August 14, 2022

ComC box 1: post 1 and a contest

 Let''s get Friday's contest winner out of the way.

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  1. bo
  2. derek
  3. john sharp
  4. the diamond king

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Timestamp: 2022-08-13 04:21:34 UTC

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Bo did it, get it , never mind. 

I have received not one  but two huge ComC orders. It is going to take some time to get through the goodies. I have scanned them already so it is just a matter of posting them. Let us begin.

We'll get things started off right.....with the needed Braves cards.

A bunch of High Tek cards (I so dislike these cards).

High end Braves needs.

A few variation Braves. And some parallel Braves.

Mathews is also a SP variation and also the Kimbrel is a variation. The 74' checklist is clean as can be, sure I already had one clean too, but this one is ** my other one is just *. LOL. Good stopping point for tonight. I'll have a couple more post from the first ComC order.

Now for tonight's contest cards:

I spot a pair of Judges.


  1. My favorite is probably the Aaron variation. Love Hank!

  2. Not sure my last post made it...Catfish Hunter cards are always nice to have.

  3. I think that Aaron SP is my favorite.

  4. Thanks for the cards!

    Lots of nice shiny in your COMC order.

    I also spot a pair of Catfish and an interesting background behind Walter Johnson.

  5. Let's see if this ends up posting 3times. Good ol blogger...

    I never thought that I'd get taken by shiny and fancy cards but something about those Topps Diamond Anniversary cards always catches my eye

  6. The Diamond parallels always stand out even more when pictured next to their base counterparts.

    1. I was going to comment something very similar! Those parallels really hold up 11 years later.