Thursday, August 18, 2022

Back to COMC haul : and freebies

 Okay, now to pick back up on that first COMC haul. Some of the Braves from that lot are out of the way.

But not all of them, lol.

As you can tell I did some damage to my needs lists with this haul.

Lots of goodies and everyone a need. It really isn't hard to hit my Braves list when it comes to modern era cards.  In fact the 2nd haul has a few Braves too. Not to mention my current "inventory" is slammed with Braves as I went by Braves excel sheets. I had figured a much faster system by opening COMC and Sport Lots and blasted through ever sheet all 9 of the Braves sheets. 

This is a good stopping point for tonight. I will finish the first haul up Friday night.

Last night's winner was:

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  1. greg
  2. bo
  3. john

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Buy a lottery ticket Greg, you called it.

Tonight's freebie cards:

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  1. Slump-buster Mark Grace card, and the Al Kaline youngest batting Champ te-print are nice.

    Good Job!👍

  2. I really enjoy me some nice die cut cards!

  3. Some very interesting cards in this post. Several sets I have not seen.

  4. That Jave Lopez patch card is almost a let got a huge...plain white swatch.

  5. That first scan sure has some neat cards in it. Which set is that Babe from?

  6. Love all the Pacific ornaments I'm seeing around the blogs!

  7. You have quite a few of those Topps Fire Scherzers!