Thursday, August 11, 2022

Jeremy sends some cards

 I got a PWE from Jeremy yesterday. Inside was a few Braves and a pair of Yankees.

There were a couple more braves but I had them already. I'm sure they had just come in from the last Sport Lots order or ComC.  You can see the pair of Yanks up top. The Stanton is serial numbered to 50, so I assume it is the Mother's Day parallel. I wouldn't call that pink, but the low serial number works for me. How about that Acuna Independence Day? Appreciate these very much, and dropped another PWE to you today. 

Here are tonight's contest cards.

And last night's winner is a repeat winner and that's okay. John Sharp you won again.

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  1. johnsharp
  2. fuji
  3. tdk
  4. derek
  5. matt
  6. mike matson
  7. bo

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Have a great night!


  1. Nice colours on the Fried card! Looking forward to my next comc and sportlots shipments... Probably 400 cards between them

  2. The green parallel sure scanned well.