Tuesday, August 30, 2022

All over the place (CONTEST)

Just a few scans left from the last ComC order. Not Bowman, they are other Topps products. Braves yes. Then mix in a few cards from others.

The middle row consists of the final 3 cards needed from this years Heritage SP/high numbers. Another Acuna Holiday variation.

A bunch of minis from A&G parallells (other than Deion....he is the base SP miniand the Glavine X) and some Topps 206 parallels.

Some 2022 inserts and Topps exclusive garbage um I mean scam,  um I mean higher priced stuff that by waiting I got for cheap.

Now here are a couple of cards from fellow OCTer Bob D.

While I'm at it with these Post Cereal cut outs I might as well add another pair of cards. But first, the FORWARD: Last week Mark (San Jose Fuji) posted about a card of/from Kit Young cards. They are a card shop in San Diego and I have been buying from them since the mid 90's. They used to mail out an awesome mail order catalogue, not anymore but that is not the point. I used to order from each book they sent, and back 3 weeks before Mickey Mantle passed away I ordered 17 of his main playing day cards. Not the 52' Topps, but there was a 51' Bowman in that lot. I did the bad thing of selling or trading them away after his death (I was worried because they didn't show until a week after he passed). Buy/Trade ratio was 50/50. I regret that now. I wasn't player collecting then, just know a deal when I seen one and I cleaned up the Micks'.

I have yet to replace all of them now that I do Player Collect and Set build, which means I need two of each. That is sticky ground there. I probably have 4 or 5 of the replacements now 24 years later. Anyways, gettign way off track, but that is what was on my mind the very day Fuji posted about Kit Young, in fact I went online that day and spotted a couple of Micks' I wanted before he posted, and I was going to (and did) call in the order to get a better price, yep if you don't ask then it is always NO which doesn't hurt anything. But when you get a yes, you save some bucks.

I guess I've gabbed long enough to make you want to see what I got. The cards came in last Friday.

That was really fast shipping which was FREE.

Yes, they are the same card although there is a variation of this card with the ad back). I made an offer for one of those on ComC, but not looking good to get it. I know that corner is missing and I am not real happy about that. But I got $10.00 off for that, see when you ask. I also got $5.00 off the other card too. And before anyone asks, I need both cards. Set build and PC. With the biggy (or at least 1 of them) out of the way I might push on this set build.

I've now cleaned out my scanned cards with the exception of the August Card Show which will finish up this week as I head to Jax again Saturday or at least hope too. I also got a Medium flat rate box of cards from Mark (see how all that ties in) last night 6pm. Inside were 7 separate packages from Mark. It made me all giddy. I knew he was sending me "A" package, but dang it was like getting a box order from Sport Lots. I have to go through those and then do some scanning. Thank you Mark.

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Last  night's winner was: Matt

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  1. How appropriate to get Billy and Mickey together in the same set in the same post.

    I haven't traded or sold a card that wasn't a dupe since I was 12 years old. Maybe I've lost out on some deals but I've never regretted it.

    1. You know I didn't catch that, thanks. I guess I was thrown off with Twins uniform on Billy mixed in with the Kit Young yadda yadda.

  2. The Micks are awesome, but I really like the Billy Martin.

  3. The mini A&G cards are treally cool. Wish I'd known you when I lived in JAX and was going to those terrific card shows.
    Good Job! 👍

    1. You did know me, I mailed you cards from the Big Fun games to Jax.

  4. I liked the original Topps Black Gold cards... The newer ones don't seem as crisp

  5. Never seen the 6-4 Stars, that must be the online. Should be a regular insert

  6. Great Mantles! If it's one thing I could never keep track of in my player collection, it's the various parallel backs of A&G and Topps 206 minis. Another reason why I don't like mini cards.

  7. It's nice to know that a place like Kit Young is still in business. I wonder if the Mantle that you're talking about on COMC is the same one that I submitted in an offer on about a month ago. If it is, obviously you can tell that I didn't get it.