Wednesday, August 10, 2022

An Ebay win, my last probably hopefully. GIVE AWAY!

 I have decided to dump Ebay. I hate that, but I am tired of being dissatisfied on a deal, leave a negative only to have it it removed. I typically buy 4-500 auctions/buy it now deals a year since the 90's. Large lots were typical purchases for me. No more. I hope I can stick to it. 

Anyways, here is the last "big" thing I won. A wax box of 2009 O-Pee-Chee. I didn't open any of this stuff when it came out, regret that a bit. I am building the set, so this was a good deal (the negative was NOT for this purchase)

I only scanned the highlights, but there are some really great photos in this set.

These would be the inserts.

The Braves that I needed for the team set.

Black parallels. Hoe about that bat barrel and signing card.

Okay that's out of the way so we can post last night's contest winner:

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Now for tonight's contest cards. You know the rules.

let's see those comments.


  1. Email sent.

    Cool card of "Prince Hal" Newhouser, and, I like the Niekro Brothers card.

    Good Job! 👍

  2. Thanks for the cards! I see two Polo Grounds cards in tonight's middle row, I had a Polo Grounds post today. Glad to have less eBay competition! I'll let you know if I come across any Braves lots I think might interest you.

  3. Ah O Pee Chee... Too bad that 2009 set was the way it was. Very un-OPC like..

  4. This is right after Upper Deck got control of the OPC name, right? I'll have to look into their other releases...

  5. I always liked those upper deck world history/politics cards

  6. I love 2009 OPC. One of the handful of complete sets I have in my saved eBay searches. Been searching several years and I'm still waiting.

  7. That set has a little character, but Mike is right, doesn't seem like traditional o pee chee.

  8. Gonna take a couple of days to get the timing of the contest down. Bummer on quitting Ebay; maybe things will get better over time.

  9. Aside from looking through my couple of daily saved search emails, I rarely ever go to eBay to look for stuff these days. Between the internet sales tax and the ever increasing rates for shipping, it just isn't worth it to me anymore.

  10. I love the 2009 OPC set. I have my Nationals team set, but need to work on the black border parallel team set. I also need to get the regular base set taken care of in the next decade or 3 (If I make it that long so maybe just 2 decades)

  11. Really like 09OPC and should hit it harder for my team/alumni PC needs. Definitely one of those sets which zigged when everyone else zagged and it stands out in a good way as a result. Have never seen the inserts before so will have to research those a bit.