Wednesday, August 24, 2022

I really don't like Bowman plus the FREE stuff!

 You would never know that I am not a fan of Bowman. Let me be a little more specific. I don't like modern Bowman. Vintage Bowman is a-okay. But when they came out with the Bowman Chrome I knew then yuk, then you throw in all the crazy jibber jabber crap they started putting out shortly after that. UGH! 

Like I said you would never know that I dislike the brand especially after looking at this post and the next few. The cards above are all 2013 mini's. As is every card in this post including the last card which is slighter larger than these, but for a reason.

A batch of refractors. In case you hadn't noticed, these are all Braves so I need them. I have to have them.




Gold, I think, maybe they are Orange, but I think gold.

These are black refractors, definitely Orange, and red refractors.

The last card is one of the cream of the crop minis, but it is slightly larger than the others. I'm just putting this out there.... I don't like modern Bowman. They maybe nice and shiny, but way overboard. 

Here are tonight's free cards.

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  1. Worth commenting just for a shot at that Fingers! And I'm not a fan of modern Bowman either.

  2. How do you store your minis? I find they fall out of the regular size 9 pocket pages. I end up putting them into a penny sleeve, folding the penny sleeve then into a 9 pocket page.

    1. I use the 12 pocket pages for the minis, and I also have tobacco card pages too.

  3. Hey, just noticed that I won last night. Thanks! Just batch mine up from last time's to save on postage if that's better for you.

  4. So many cards in Bowman, I'd be happy w/ just having that Gehringer card.

    Good Job!👍

  5. My third time trying to get that Stanton card. I really like the look of that version of Topps Fire. My first one is the Scherzer I got from you the other day.

    Modern Bowman is easily my least favorite card product. I avoid lots with large quantities of it, and try to minimize it in trades.

  6. Don't like Bowman either. Good job for getting them for much cheaper than Topps wants you to buy them for. Seeing all those blank stares from Stiffler depresses me...Hopefully Stiffler's mom can talk him out of his funk. :)