Friday, December 3, 2021

Vintage from Bo

 Bo and I made a recent trade. I had commented on one of his posts about needing one of the cards available for trade. Bo replied back no problems and that he would peck at my want lists.

The Harridge and Giles card was the one card I asked for. It fills a hole in my 1957 Topps set build.

So Bo came up with quite a few cards to fill in some gaps in my set builds, Thank you Bo. I will eventually have to upgrade the majority of these, but until then the holes are rather will be occupied. (I need to get off my butt and put them in the binders).

On a side note, I am planning on making the Jax. card show tomorrow. The 2 new helpers here are coming along. The weekday aide is wonderful. The weekender is coming along, she is still a bit nervous, lacking confidence. Still I am planning on heading out tomorrow, which should build that confidence. Fingers crossed all goes well.


  1. Until Bo's post, I had never seen the Harridge/Giles card before. It's kind of interesting, but probably only to those building the set. I don't think it would impress too many people just sitting in a slab all by itself.

  2. I always liked the 1966 Bob Allison, it's been on my vintage wantlist for years. Nice cards going both ways here!