Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Some 2021's for me.


My 2021 Stadium club Chrome.  

I really don't understand why the TSC inserts from Flagship, and then a separate release shortly thereafter?????? This is one of those WTF. Anyways.

I need these for the inserts: 57, 203, 204, 268.

I need these for the base: 121, 193, 245, 392.

Go figure. I couldn't tell you what the difference between the cards are if you asked me. I'm sure there is.  Let's move on.

As per my usual, I break my own no blaster rule when it comes to the Holiday release. There must have been 100 boxes on the shelf, literally not kidding. I bought 8.

Here are the highlights.

My oranaments. 

The 8th relic was Acuna, shown below.

The Buehler is truly a Christmas card. 

I basically got 3 sets of base cards (2 and 3 are missing a few cards). The first box I opened I pulled the autograph is like odds of 4100 packs. Yeah me. Although, don't know the guy, lol. The Buehler was a great pull as was the two VARIATION Braves. Acuna is the rare 427. Freeman is the SP 426 and I wound up with like four of that one. I am once again building the variations (all 3 codes). Likewise the relics too. Send me what you got.

Tomorrow will be a 4 card 1 scan vintage post. 


  1. I don't understand where these places are that are putting cards back on the shelves. They sure aren't here. Just as barren as always.

    Stadium Club Chrome is as bad as finding Bowman Chrome cards in like 7 different products. Topps deserves to lose its license.

  2. Congrats on finding all those blasters!