Monday, December 13, 2021

A while in the works

 For years, decades even I have "collected" more like acquired or better yet accumulated relic cards and autographed cards from pretty much any sport. These days, I do not go after anything but baseball. Not the high dollar ones either. The ones that you find in dollar boxes or slightly more (3-5). I have in the past and every chance I get is to buy them in bulk. Of course at a huge discount, and most of the time it works out. I have hundreds back home, and hundreds here with me in Valdosta. I still have a boatload of basketball and football that I seriously want to trade for baseball relics and autos. I did do a little of that a couple of years ago. 

 Anyways, last month (a few weeks ago) I did a Black Friday ComC rampage with a focus on the autos and some relics. I did pretty good and landed some stars too. They should be here in a couple of weeks which gives me time to highlight what I did at the Jacksonville card show 2 weeks ago. I planned to not spend a lot of time digging through boxes this go around. That would take hours at each table and I would only get through a few dealers. And being it would be the first time leaving my uncle with the new weekend aide, I didn't want to waste time. I was tempted especially at the near dozen nickel boxes. But, nope I didn't fall for it. I didn't see many dime or quarter boxes. There were a few here and there, but I just skipped past those boxes. I wound up only making two deals (besides my buddy Fred I spent $20.00 with him). 

 Those 2 deals were big ones. One was a dollar box (3k count) of insert and parallel cards. I guessed incorrectly I might add that there was 1,800 cards in the box. There was only 1,300 when I got home. So the deal wasn't as good as I hoped. For now I am not scanning or posting those. Of the 1,300 526 cards I couldn't fit into the many areas I collect, 144 were FB and BKB. I'm getting sidetracked here, back to the focus. 

 The other box was autos & relics stars included! Also it was a 3k count marked $3-5). So I have scanned them up and will be spending much of the remainder of the year posting them. Before I go on, I removed all of the non baseball leaving me with 373 + 3 from his behind the case cards. 

 This is a multi facetted theme. I have my thoughts on the "autographed" market or rather the cards and signatures themselves. I have created a point system for them. (If I can find that paper) LOL. 

Secondly,  there will be sections of guys that are NOT part of my PC's and therefore are available for trade. Again, there are stars in there too. 

With that said here is the first cards to post on.

These first four cards are keepers for me. They are in my "Potential Future" PC boxes. Tony Clark is in their too as a maybe one day guy. Let's give out the points.

First, I award ZERO points for IP/TTM autos, 1 point for sticker graph, and 2 points for on card certified. Then I award points on the signature itself. I have 3 categories for the sig. YUK = just signing initials or pure lazy scribbles, zero effort. I still award points for the 3 categories 1-3 points. OKAY = shows effort, full name is a +, semi legible scribbles 4-6 points. Perfection = clean fully seen sig, sweet sig, or extra effort 7-10 points. Let's add these 4 guys up.

Alzolay: 2 points (1 for sticker and 1 for YUK).

White: 7 points (2 for on card and 5 for (okay) not his full name but used some effort).

Clark: 7 points (on card and OKAY full name not just scribbles).

Gonsolin: 6 points (on card and some effort, but not really legible).

That's how I look at signed cards.

These four relics are also in the "Potential Future PC" box.

Same goes for these 9. and the ones below. No trade bait in this post.

The Turner is a good looking relic card. Shame that jumbo swatch on the Mize is plain white. See ya tomorrow night.


  1. Getting less and less interested in autos and relics, but that doesn't mean I don't want you to drop Gosselin from your PC!

    1. Better check the spelling on that one, lol.

    2. What Dustin May doesn't get you going?

    3. That's what happens when I comment at work ... I like May's cards, I'm just really done with relics.

  2. Personally I like IP/TTM autos, even though I don't solicit them from the players themselves. I also like stickergraphs with shiny stickers.

    1. In the early 90's I used to send off for (free) ttm autos, I enjoyed that. Even kept the envelopes, may even still have those not sure.