Thursday, December 23, 2021

PC relics for less than a buck

 I made it to the PC post. I'm glad I decided to knock out all of those other scans yesterday. Otherwise I may have had to post this weekend, and I have a special post for the Christmas (at least in my head). We'll see if I get it done or not. Meanwhile,

I have never been a fan of the manufactured relic cards, especially like the two above and 8 below.

I think they're about as dumb as it gets. 

Not really a big fan of the bat relics either. Although when I get one from a vintage guy I am pretty stoked. The ones above are NOT in that category. Just PC guys that cost cost less than a buck so why not.

Like most of you folks, the plain white or gray jersey relics don't get me excited either. Unless they are from "vintage guys". Even the pin stripe cards have lost the flame they once held. But PC relics for about .75 are hard to walk away from.

Dual swatches with multi colors on each are better. High end card brands with relics work for me too.

This wraps up the PC guy relics and tomorrow I can put my Braves relics out. We may all knock on the eh on these things these days. But if you went into to a Dollar a tree (these days) and they were 2 for $1.50 you would clean them know you would.


  1. Some nice stuff here. I like the ones with an authentication sticker where you can see what game the swatch is from.

  2. I kind of liked a few of the manufactured relics when they first came out, but not so much anymore. I suspect that with how many have produced so far, and how little interest most collectors have in them, that their gonna be a staple of the cheap boxes at shows for years to come.

  3. Bonds and Miggy relics for less than a buck? That's flippin' awesome!

  4. I understand the appeal of game-used relics. I don't see the point of manufactured relics at all.