Monday, December 20, 2021

Squeezing them in

 I'm going to squeeze in the 5 posts worth into this one (I was going to make it 2 posts). Seems there isn't much interest in these autos. Might as well knock them out.

Holliday is NOT for trade.

That was a lot of autos and relics.  Thursday I will be posting some PC guys.

Friday will be my Braves. 


  1. Looks like Maddox wins this round. One heck of a CF.

  2. Like I said my interest in "hits" is way down. I'd like a shot at the Russell Martin relic I guess, just because I like Timeline.

    1. I'll dig it out after the holidays. (I already have a large mailer already sealed up for you).

  3. I'd probably be more interested if I collected relic cards, or knew who even one of these signers were.