Friday, December 17, 2021

Autos part 4:

 Part 4 of the card show auto/relic haul.

The Tier 1 and Museum may have been pulled for the set build, not sure. The rest above are all available for trade.

Go figure the two old school guys (Ashby and Reardon) signed their full name and they are on card autos. Again, all are available to trade.

It's a crying shame that card #1 is the nicest signature, but NO WAY do I read Franklin Morales on that card. Do you?

One would think that a rookie would go out of there way to put a NICE signature on these cards. Oh well all available for trade. We have 1 1/2 posts of autos left that are for trade. Then 1 post with my PC keepers, 1 Braves, and 1 Ebay post. I should have the ComC Black Friday haul in and scanned by the time I finish these. 


  1. Johnny We did a few deals a couple years i'd be interested in some or all of the autographs let me know what your looking for and I can see what I have I moved a month ago so everything is boxed up and in my Let me know any thoughts.

    1. I literally have thousands of them. Need Braves autos that I do NOT have. go 1 for 1, or you can upgrade the player and I'll make up the quantity to balance it. I'd consider non autos of Braves cards that I need too.

  2. I wonder who signed that sticker, because there's no way it's Franklin Morales. Then again... I just checked COMC and hit looks like all of his autographs look like that.