Friday, December 24, 2021

Card Show Braves relics and autos

 It's Christmas eve and I wish all of you out there a Happy Holiday. 

The Wright auto on top was 1 of the three cards that weren't originally part of the 373 card purchase. Those three cards definitely made the deal nice enough to jump on it.

Albies and Contreras on top were the other two cards that made the deal good for me.

Here is the back of the two 2019 Folty's. One is a Bazooka back.  I really grabbed up a bunch of his stuff to end out this year, and I didn't do it on purpose either. Wait to see the ComC Black Friday stuff.

Be safe I hope tomorrow is blessed for everyone. 

Merry Christmas.


  1. Merry Christmas! May 2022 bring fewer back variations!

  2. That Chipper relic is pretty interesting, design-wise.

  3. A. Nice swatches on that Albies card.
    B. Autographs w/back variations are silly.
    C. Merry Christmas John!