Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Let's do this.

 While still in the spirit of the holidays I figure it is as good as time to start posting my Black Friday haul. Why not, everyone else is. Probably, need to scatter them over a few posts. 

I definitely was all over the place with my "shopping". I was finding Braves (of course), vintage, PC guys, set killers, relics and autos. 

I might as well start of with the 2nd biggest (2nd most expensive) item I bought. It was a set killer.

I have put off shelling out for this Mattingly RC for so long. It was the first card I went after. Price= $29.04. I kick myself for whining about paying 20-25.00 over the last few years. I no longer need to sweat it, I did it. I just always felt like I would see one in the wild (card show) that I could scoop for 10-15 bucks. Nope, not lately. Moving on.

Okay, the Pache auto.....This was not the most expensive card either. In total, only 6 cards did I pick up (counting the Mattingly) cost at least $10.00. In fact, besides the Mattingly RC and the #1 card, the other four were $10 and change each. That Pache $10.10. I feel like I stole that one.  Topps product so it has logos, 21' release, Indigo parallel, yeah I stole that one.

More steals for me. Parallels, SP/variations, and On Demand 3D cards. I'd say only a handful of cards cost $3.00 ish. Most of the cards I bought were less.... less than a buck. Not these of course. I think the Greg Maddux variation signing for the fans is my favorite from this scan.

1947-66 Exhibits. This is the variation Miluakee cap (aka: plain cap). I now have both of Spahn's Exhibits. This one cost $9.11. A bit more than I wanted to pay, but it was half of the rest. 

1949 Eureka stamps. I had never heard of these. They aren't bigger than a regular modern stamp. There were others that I didn't get because they crossed the $3.00 line and I wasn't doing that even though some of those were BIG names. Some of the ones I did get were BIG names too.

Grabbed a couple more 1940 Play Ball Braves. have scooped some cheap Bowman's too. Two of the 49's are part of the "$10+ cards I mentioned. $12.89 and 10.13.

There it is.. The Eddie Mathews 1953 Bowman color was the most expensive card I bought on Black Friday. It set me back a whole dollar more than the Mattingly RC at $30.25. 

The Evan White quad relic auto was a steal too at $6.72. The others were steals too as they were under $3.00 a piece. Panini National Treasures relics for cheap, I like it, especially when they are "maybe collect" someday guys. 

Last one for today. Some of the cheaper cards. Well, cheap that day. Pennies literally, except for the 2001 DK reprint and that wasn't much more than a buck if that.

I'll be back Thursday with some more of these Black Friday pick ups and finish up with them on Friday too.


  1. Congratulations on crossing the Mattingly off your list. It's such an iconic card. Pretty sure it was a triple digit card back in the day.

  2. It is hard to believe that the Mattingly rookie couldn't be found at a show for a much more reasonable price. Given how often I see people dismissing his accomplishments online, I was kind of under the impression that he wasn't very widely collected anymore.

    1. People will dismiss a Yankee's accomplishments whenever they get the chance, deserved or not. Mattingly is still beloved by Yankee fans of my generation and will always be.

      I bought an '84 Donruss set years ago with some gift money. Don't remember what I spent but considering how much singles go for, set route was far more cost effective. Kind of an overrated set in my opinion.

    2. Mattingly was a good player with some bad luck. Just was a Yankee in one of the rare no championship decades for them..
      I think because of that he's discounted even by Yankees fans.

  3. Jealous of that 84 Donruss Mattingly...one that has eluded me as well! I think I should change that!

  4. Those Eureka stamps are really nice. I've seen similar online for the Brooklyn Dodgers that also look really nice, not sure if they're also Eureka. I have a few Yankee stamps from the 40's too.

  5. One Boston Brave I've picked up a couple cards of is Jeff Heath. He was born in Fort William, now part of Thunder Bay, the city I was born in.