Sunday, December 12, 2021

Cleaning up

 As this year nears it's end I have a bunch of scans to get posted. Most are from the most recent card show. Some will be be from my Black Friday ComC haul. Those two groups are closely related. I will explain more when I start posting them. My last SportLots haul will be skipped. No biggie as the majority of the 530 card box order were 90% set builds. I usually don't scan those anyways, and I didn't this time either.

I will however, post this most recent completed project.

I know many of you folks could care less about this sort of set or for Sosa (or McGwire) for that matter. They are both PC guys of mine, but I for one would be supportive of an asterisk by any stats in the books. With that said, I still collect their cards therefore I need all of these 1999 Topps HR cards. I am still working on McGwire's set. I have been working on these sets since 1999. 22 years is a long time. I took a short cut with the Sosa set. I bought the complete thing on Ebay recently. So now I have some extras. I'm okay with that. Now to find the cheap Macs.


  1. Too bad they used the same photo on each card. What would have been really cool is to get 66 frames of the same swing, each a little different from the other. Collect them all and you have a "flip book".

    1. That would have been so much cooler. I started to just show the backs which chats up that particular HR.

  2. This set, or rather, the subject matter, hasn't aged very well. I do like knowing that there's at least one person out there who's still interested in them though.