Thursday, December 2, 2021

Ebay warning: MUST READ

 Just putting this out there. Avoid this seller:


This seller does not answer messages nor does he believe he should leave feedback on small sales.

I sent these messages dating back to October.

10/30: I got the card today, thank you. No problems. Please leave my feedback so that I can then leave yours. Again, thank you.

11/24: 2nd request. Please leave feedback so that I can then leave yours. It has been 1 month.

Here is the transcript from him after I left him negative feedback (he did not respond to 2 or 3 messages I sent him over the course of a month.

his 1st reply to the feedback:

Did you just literally leave me negative feed back because i didn’t leave positive feedback on a $2 card purchase?

I replied back:

No, I left you negative feedback because of the multiple unanswered messages. Communication is 1 of the 4 grading AREAS for sellers, which is what your feed back is based upon. You scored poor in 1 of the 4 areas, that got you a negative. Whether a buyer spends 1 penny or a thousand bucks, they should get the same customer service.

His 2nd reply:

The email you sent acknowledging you received your item and everything was good was where our communication ended. I have no issues leaving buyers feedback and I’m sure someone like yourself with that high of a rating understands the impact it has to smaller overall rated individuals like myself. There’s nothing to communicate if you got the item you wanted and on time. Feedback isn’t a requirement and you aren’t guaranteed it for every purchase nor am I required as a seller to give it to every buyer on every purchase.

Keep in mind buyers who have a repeated habit of doing to this to sellers risk having their account reviewed and closed due to malicious intent once it’s been escalated eBay’s compliance and quality assurance area.

Sounds like a threat to me. my reply:

There is nothing malicious here on my part (maybe on yours with your threat). You and I disagree on whether you should be responding to every message as your feedback is not just based on receiving the item, that is but 1 area of your rating. Also in disagreement is that you SHOULD be leaving feedback on every purchase, period. You scored poor in communication because of each unanswered message as well as failure to leave feedback on the purchase. End of story.

His 3rd reply:

Leaving feedback on every purchase isn’t a requirement and me advising to you that i’m escalating this to have it reviewed and if it comes back that you intentionally did this and have done it to multiple sellers in the same unjustified manner can be a violation of ebay terms and services isn’t a threat. It’s me taking the avenues offered by ebay to protect myself. Crazy coincidence that the last buyer who did this had over 8 instances of it in the last year and his account was closed indefinitely though.

It’s okay I felt the need to post our situation on some of the larger forums just to see how everyone else is reacting to what you did and clearly the people asking for your ebay username to block you because this is clearly a malicious move is obvious.

It’s all good buddy. We’ll get this all squared away.

I needless to say did not respond to this. Well, other than by posting this warning. 

Avoid this lazy seller. 

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