Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year's and Black Friday part 3

 Let's get the greeting out of the way. Happy New' Year's! May the 2022 be a blessed year for all of us. With that said, if you should partake in the festivities on this Friday night remember AAA offers a free ride and tow (10 miles or less) whether you're a member or not. They call it there "Tow to Go" . 1-855-286-9246. They limit this program to 1 person per vehicle, and a mask must be worn.....the person not the car has to wear the mask. Now go have fun, be safe and put that number in your phone now.

Now for the wrap up tp the Black Friday haul and and end to this year. AHH.

Cheap autos and relics, even the Smoltz and the Chipper, which the black hat and shirt look way off.

Only the Horner card went over $3.00, it was $3.42. The Wood, Heyward, and Minter were steals.

Miller has a nice signature. Shame he never panned out for everyone. Hope that the Pirates get him right (his 5th team). He had/has so much potential that just never materialized. 

The top row are all SP/variations. We have another Atomic, a few more Hank's, and some Finest.

I was very happy to scoop up all of the "black" parallels numbered to 25 each for an average cost of $2.00. HOFer at that price, make it a Brave, no brainer for me.

Another trio of low numbered Smoltz cards.

I have nearly completed this team set retro-fractors and base. I think I may only need a couple of base cards.

The Chipper is the Platinum Foil parallel. The Heyward looks great sitting in the middle.

It was nice crossing off all of these needed Braves cards from the want lists.

Lots to gander at here. The pair of Crown Royale Smoltz cards. Mathews (numbered 25/25, the Spahn, Freddie DK parallel, the weird looking Smoltz on the bottom is the Aqua TEST proof, and the Dominator is a great looking card too. That leaves the Asia and Orange Bowman's, not bad either.

Finally we can call this year and end. I will have or at least should have my year end/22 goals up tomorrow. One more time to acknowledge the loss of Betty White today. RIP.

Again, be safe everyone.


  1. Happy New Year! Hopefully no Braves repeat! Now picturing a car wearing a mask!

    1. Back in the day we called those "bras". Remember?
      As for a Braves repeat, well I'm rooting for that, but right now just hoping we have baseball.

  2. I'm not the going out and drinking sort, so I hadn't heard of AAA doing that before. Good on them for doing so though!

  3. A. Very cool that AAA offers that service. Always been happy with being a member, now I'm a very proud member.

    B. I remember pulling that Chen SPx auto back in the day.

    C. That Bowman International Heyward is fantastic. I don't have the patience, but building that set and putting it in a binder would be sweet.

  4. Ooops... almost forgot. Happy New Year!