Sunday, December 5, 2021

Let's do this

 I've picked up some Ebay wins in recent weeks.

I actually got the 2000 Gold Label Braves above from CardBarrel. I had also ordered the class 1 & 3 Furcal, but he couldn't find them. So I still need those two to close out that team set.

I already had the Maddux. Still need Acuna to close out that team set.

This team set is complete. I must say they are ugly. Keith Shore. Also want to gripe that they are like the 89 Bowman's in size too. 

Closing tonight out with this nice Swanson numbered to just 9.


  1. Dansby swatch is nice. The Aaron would have been better with the team logo visible.

  2. Gold Label has never been one of my favorite lines, but the 2000 set was one of the better looking ones, or at least to me it was.