Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Highlights and some info

 A few more highlights of various packages from Sportlots .

Two more Braves team needs wiping out the 1960 Topps. (came from two different sellers).

Picked up this pair from a seller (along with a bunch of set build needs). Got to maximize that shipping.

This morning I was reading blogs and ran across the one on 2020 Topps UK cards. I didn't know they existed, so I without thought jumped right over to Ebay and bought them up (Braves). I bought up two sets. BIG mistake. Way overpaid.

The cards are available on Sportlots for cheap! I picked up the Vogelmonster and DeJong for a couple of you. Go get them.


  1. You claimed some cards on a recent trade post of mine but I can't find your address. Air Yordan, Big Papi among others. Could you send me your address at

  2. Four beautiful cards there. Nice pickups.

  3. Love that 1960 All-Star of Aaron.

  4. Came to say what John just said. That Aaron is a great card.

  5. I have that All-Star Aaron too, and mine's in roughly the same shape as well, made it more affordable!

  6. I think I'll place a SL order in February. Hopefully I can remember to look for the UK A's.