Saturday, January 23, 2021

Bring it on.

 I still have a ton of cards incoming, but I have a lot here and scanned already too.

These are my 2020 Heritage High number Braves and a Chipper and Acuna. (I couldn't remember if I had posted these and too lazy to go back and check).

I am going to combine several sellers into this post to get some scans knocked out.

Here we have a trio of Nestle cards from 1984 & 87' (the Aaron) who we lost yesterday. The Private Stock are from 2001 and are the Silver retail versions.

The UK Braves, I think I posted them too, but brain is in a major fart right now.

Trying to clear up the scans and I am getting it done.

I'll close this post out with some non Braves cards.  This takes me down to a couple of scans left, 1 from 1 seller and 1 with 2 sellers. 

I am now ready for the bountiful packages headed my way......bring it on. 

On a personal note: I was going home and back (Ocala, FL) today but decided against that until next weekend. I am tired, my uncle woke up last night with chest pain, and next weekend is a daughter's birthday, so I postponed that trip.


  1. Is that Bowman’s Best Chipper a refractor or is that just the way it is designed? Either way, it’s a beautiful card, as are the Elite Stanton and Optic McCutcheon

  2. Hope your uncle is OK. I got alot of Nestle cards in '87, I guess I ate a lot of chocolate back then (I was 10). Never got the Aaron though.

  3. Sorry to hear about your uncle. Hope everything is okay.