Friday, January 15, 2021

More from that guy.

 Yesterday I showed the Braves needs I picked up from Sangbums on Sportlots. Today, I'll be showing the highlights (only highlights) but in quantity I also grabbed.

Here you find those cheap cheap UK cards. Also showing is a pair of 2020 Donruss Orange parallel cards. I like those. 

I'm not sure what this scan is supposed to be as I threw away my notes. I assure you these are not standard base cards. But, I am at a loss. so I may be totally wrong. I know that that I picked up about a hundred cards from Sangbums. I usually only grab odd stuff, as I bought two complete sets including update so.......

I snagged a couple dozen of these .18 Contenders, including the Purple parallels. I did pay a quarter for a few of the big names. 

I'll move on to another sellers' goodies for tomorrow. I can't wait.. So excited.


  1. I scan things all the time and forget why I bothered to scan them.

  2. Most of the Contenders Season Ticket cards I've seen the player image overlaps the ticket art and it's sharp. Here, the ticket practically swallows the player photo. I don't know why they did that. Doesn't look good.