Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Incoming from a couple of Bloggers

 I've been getting a lot of mail from Sportlots sellers lately. Yesterday though mixed in th ebatch was a couple from bloggers.

Last week Mark (San Jose Fuji) posted about busting some 1993 Upper Deck All-time Heroes.
It mentioned he had a bunch of dupes of these triple folders. My records showed that I didn't have any Braves and that I needed 1, 49, 150. Well, I was wrong..... What I needed was 1, 149, 150 and 151 which I didn't have on my list (see Hank is pictured in the middle of it so it counts.)  The 49 I said I needed, I didn't, but Mark sent it anyways. A Red Sox guy won't look good in my Braves, but Mr. Ferrell will fit nicely into my PC.

Mark sent a slew of other Braves especially some well loved vintage cards, and some Pacific Legends. The card above I needed and didn't know it either.  Thanks Mark!

Now yesterday Nick (dimebox) posted his goodies from picking Julie's pockets so I won't go through all of that again today.

I will however show this one off that eluded me since last year. It was certainly the highlight of the picked pockets. Made me really happy to check that off. Thanks Julie!

I'll get back to some SportLots stuff tomorrow.

See ya.


  1. John, are you in Valdosta, Georgia. I have a couple of John's in my address book. Thanks

  2. Glad the cards arrived safely.

  3. I still need to go thru my B.A.T. cards. I wanted to help Fuji. I could have a extra Brave or two in there. Who knows when I'll get to it but soon, I hope.

  4. I didn't know there were anymore Braves. Hmm, probably why I missed the 151 Aaron.